The lesson of the presidential elections that we never learn

DE Răzvan Chiruță | 25.11.2019 - 19:17

The first results of the second round of the presidential elections from Romania show that we avoided the unimaginable: being led by Viorica Dăncilă for five years.


More than that, the distance between Iohannis and the PSD candidate will be consistent, about 30-35% percent. (Iohannis obtained, after the partial numbering, 66,11% of the votes, and Dăncilă 33,89%)

But this happened only because the presence of the electors was higher than in the first round (including here the Romanians abroad). Only because Romanians acted together again, even in the rest of the world.

Despite these obvious figures, we fail in fully learning the presidential elections lesson: PSD leads us only because we let them lead us.

The PSD has a limited electorate, 30-35% of the total populations that can vote, they cannot obtain more neither with oil, or sugar or their chain of mayors and buses.

But although we clearly saw, in the last 15 years, that PSD lost the presidential elections only because the anti PSD voters came to vote in great numbers, we do not apply the method in the parliamentarian elections.

And, thus, we stumble in the Parliament with Dragnea, Șerban Nicolae or Nicolicea, who, afterwards, make us stand in the cold winter streets, in huge protests.

PSD wins only when we don’t vote.

It’s simple to get rid of this organized crime group and even the second round of the presidential elections from 2019 showed us how: coming to vote.

But that is not enough. We also must keep an eye on the other politicians that forget their promises when they get to government.

We have the power, but only if we get involved. Look at the last three years: now, it seems incredible that Dragnea is in jail and Dăncilă is on the slope. A year ago it seemed that we would never get rid of them.

The credit is ours, the citizens. And politicians must always remember this.


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